Star Wars – Last Jedi: Dark Side of Luke Skywalker Trailer

“It’s time for the Jedi to end” – Luke Skywalker

In the Trailer, Rey seemed to be training on the island where Luke was found. Towards the end as the image swoops around the island we see in the distance, Rey training with a blue lightsaber while another being stands away watching her train, supposedly Luke. The rebels are engaged in battle against the empire per usual, but towards the end, we see what looks to be the silhouette of Luke Skywalker as in his voice he says, “It’s time for the Jedi to end”.

Before the ending quote, Luke asks Rey what she sees. Rey says, she sees the Light and Darkness and the balance, but Luke Interrupts saying, “It’s so much bigger!”


New Star Wars Poster

The New, Last Jedi Poster shows the faces of Luke Sky Walker and Kylo Ren both in Red. Ray is holding her Blue Light Saber up to the sky and her beam slowly turns red where Luke and Kylo’s face are tinted red. Would this suggest that Rey could truly be the Last Jedi?


The new poster also pays homage to the original star wars movie poster created by the Hildebrandt Brothers. Rey is not accompanied by any other cast member in the movie, but the other two force wielders. It seems that Rey is going to be taking on the mantle of the Jedi by herself.


Star Wars Movie Collection:


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