Innocent Family Dog Shot by Airport Security

Leisha-Kaiele 2b
Leisha and Kaiele

An innocent family dog was shot Tuesday night by an armed airport officer in Honolulu, Hawai’i. Kaiele, a loving and friendly black pitbull, was shot point blank in the forehead right between the eyes. Kaiele’s owner Leisha Ramos just got off an interisland flight. The boyfriend picked up Kaiele, Leisha’s dog, from Aloha Cargo then headed over to pick up Leisha.

Leisha’s Daughter and Kaiele

Kaiele was  let out of  the kennel after 6 hours of travel time and tied to a tree as they were packing their luggage and putting their daughter in the car, when an airport officer showed up to tell the family they needed to move their things and leave with their dog. As Leisha’s boyfriend and the officer were having a heated conversation, Kaiele got loose and approached the boyfriend and the officer. Leisha, who was carrying her baby daughter was right there about to bring Kaiele away from the two men when the officer shot Kaiele in the head for no apparent good reason. Witnesses say the dog was not aggressive and was calm and friendly. The Hawaiian Humane Society is now investigating a possible “Animal Cruelty Case” against the officer concerning this matter, as other government agencies are discussing whether this incident could have been avoided if the State did not higher a private security company to secure the airport.

Leisha, her Daughter and Kaiele


“My dog was a good dog. I was sitting on the ground with my dog and my dog was just laying down on grass. He wasn’t even hurting anybody or trying to get to anybody,” she said. “There was a lot of people on the side saying the dog wasn’t aggressive and he wasn’t. He runs away from chihuahuas. I can take him to parks. I lay my daughter next to him.”


Support Pitbulls

In a KHON2 News Interview, Hawai’i Government Employment Agency (Union for Sheriffs) Executive Director Randy Perreira says, “There are some concerns about the caliber of people who are hired. We likewise are concerned about proper background checks.” In an Article from Honolulu Star-Bulletin, he says, “You get what you pay for”. This is the culmination of the state cutting budget corners by hiring private security vendors rather than staffing more sheriffs. The officer has since apologized for escalating the situation above his intentions and for putting down Kaiele.

Kaiele airport dead
Kaiele, at the scene if the incident

The Hawaiian Humane Society encourages security guards and officers to receive specialized training to handle cases involving animals. The unnecessary killing of dogs is now a trend amongst officers across the nation and over 10,000 dogs are killed each year in this manner. Investigations will be ongoing, but it seems that the death of this beloved member of a loving family was unjustly executed.  Please support the family in finding justice by donating to their fundraiser hosted by gfm_logo_300dpi. Condolences to the Ohana and friends.


In Loving Memory, Custom Sticker


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