Rogue One: The Darker Side of Star Wars


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To read the article from this point on I am going to have to warn you. I am going to talk about actual scenes from the movie, so this is your first and final SPOILER ALERT.

Rogue one is actually a pre-qual to the Star Wars Episode: A New Hope. However, as the entirety of the movie does point the way to a time before “A New Hope” we don’t really figure out the exact timeline of this episode until the very end, which is one of my favorite parts.

Rogue one isn’t another Star Wars movie with a Jedi protagonist, but in fact, follows a small rebel team dubbed “Rogue One” who fights for the plans of the Death Star that brought its destruction in the sequel “A New Hope.” This film seemed more engrossed in the darker emotional side of the rebellion as they struggle to fight for a chance to beat the empire. We see a rebel soldier murder and betray an informant and per usual witness, the empire’s lackies murder a group of innocent people at point blank range and test the destruction power of the death star on cities of interest way before the destruction of the planet Alderaan. The way that we experience the power of the death star is more horrifying than that in “A New Hope“, which was spectacular, but too quick to fully feel the emotional gravity tied into the power of the death star. The moment of destruction is slowly realized visually and relished with amazing grandeur for minutes on end, not just once, but twice, giving the viewers a horrific visual and a greater sense of urgency for the rebels to act against such atrocities. On top of that, the protagonist of the film and the entire rebel group, Rogue One are all killed. So much for a happy ending, right?

In the ending act, we get to see the plans for the Death Star make it out of an empire installation, get past star destroyers and a plethora of tie fighters. The ending scene finally gave us an amazing show of Lord Vader’s Destructive powers in a fighting scene that would definitely please the most enthusiastic of fans. I have since watched Rouge One over and over again. I am amazed by this film and I think this darker, more intimate film for emotions was needed to really refuel the passion for the franchise. I expect the next Star Wars movie, “The last Jedi” to be even more spectacular. We can expect it to be out by the end of this year.

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