President Obama was Never Born in America


“… President Obama wasn’t really born in the United States, but in the Kingdom of Hawai’i.”

Here’s a quick recap of the occupation of the United States in the Kingdom of Hawai’i presented in a fun government advertisement, but it is actually 100% accurate.

If more people can be aware of this illegal occupation, maybe the Kingdon of Hawai’i can one day be returned to the indigenous inhabitants. Technically, because the Kingdom of Hawai’i was never annexed and still exists today maybe President Obama wasn’t really born in the United States, but in the Kingdom of Hawai’i.

Thank you to The Juice Media for doing this fun history lesson. Go and check them out and support their endeavors on Patreon.

The True Nature of an Empire

The video styling of this “Honest Government Advert: Hawai’i” is something that today’s society is enjoying and in some cases get’s a valid point across in an enjoyable manner. I just had a conversation with someone about the way I have been sharing my material. I mentioned that my target audience doesn’t want to stick around and learn every single detail of an event in history and will quickly lose interest and will never remember what they just read. That would defeat the whole purpose of presenting this material in the first place. However, if I were to present material in a fun and enjoyable manner, in quick articles, my readers would remember what was presented and be intrigued to look further into learning more about the topic being presented, which is the point of my endeavor. Thank you again to The Juice Media for presenting such an enjoyable learning experience.


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