Sounds Around the World #9 Koit Toome & Laura


We leave China, where our last SATW artist resides, and head west to Estonia. Our 9th Sounds Around the World artist is actually a newly formed duet, Koit Toome & Laura. Both Koit and Laura are well-established singers from Estonia. I came across this duet while reconnecting to one of my all time favorite artist, Kerli who is also from Estonia. Kerli was actually my original choice for this SATW #9, however her original songs Walking on Air and Love is Dead had already made it to the ears of America and done well. Staying true to the criteria for our selection I had never heard of Koit or Lauara so I choose this Duet.

May I mention that reconnecting to Kerli led me to a song contest bigger than Americas Got Talent and The Voice and longer running. It’s called the Eurovision song contest T.V. show, which was established in 1956. This is a multi-nation competition, which this year’s grand final will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine. Many European countries participate in this competition by having their own national level song contest before entering the winner into the grand finals. Estonia’s song contest called Eesti Laul was taken by Koit and Laura. Sadly for me, Kerli placed second. In an interview with Kerli, she mentioned that she wasn’t worried about Koit and Laura and was intrigued by their competition as friends. They grew up together challenging each other in various competitions and welcomed their win with support.

Koit had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1998, while winning a Dancing with the Stars type of competition in 2007. Laura has participated in the Nations Eesti Laul several times and even placing second in last years competition with her song Supersonic. The song that the duet performed to win this years Eesti Laul was Verona.

The song, Verona is said to be the place where Romeo and Juliet ultimately met their demise.
In that context, Verona speaks of a struggling love that started with flair and enthusiasm, but was met with drama, and heartache. Both parties urge to find their Verona again or the reason why they fell madly in love as the song ends. The song is met with great vocal harmony by the duet as the electronic beat takes your mind right into the middle of the drama. The music arrangement was beautifully done with noticeable dynamics and beat changes that draws your imagination deeper into the song.

It will be interesting to see how far this song will make it in the semi-final competition in Ukraine. As I write this article I am listening to the many other contenders admitted to the Finals of the Song competition that will take place in May then in April for the Grand-Finally. primS-AM2aTo me, this is a great competition that mimics the diversity of talent that the olypimics presents. This years slogan for the Eurovision Song Contest is “Celebrate Diversity” This contest is exactly, as many genres and styles are presented in this competition alongside the best of each country. The best of luck to Koit and Laura, and to all the competitors that have participated in this competition.

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SATW-8-Sitar Tan2a
Sounds Around the World #8 Tan Weiwei
2017 Kamehameha Schools Song Competition








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