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Digital Nature Hawai’i was founded on March 1st, 2017 as a web space to promote products and services that would benefit the inhabitants and visitors in the State of Hawai’i in America. If you were a visitor to Hawai’i you wouldn’t really know the economic trials that befall those living on an island in the middle of the largest ocean in the world. It is considered a tropical paradise, a world-renowned vacation spot, a place of tranquility and one of the most desired places for retirees to live the rest of their lives at.

For those who were born and raised in Hawai’i, such as myself, we have seen the cost of living rise above nationwide averages all the way to the top. Housing prices to the prices of the basic food amenities like milk and bread are all more expensive than the national average. You know those Little Cesar commercials for $5.00 Hot & Ready pizzas? In Hawai’i it’s $7.00. All This has to do primarily with Shipping cost and a doubling effect. Meaning, the basic inputs that are shipped, and marked up in price has an effect on living costs, which raises the cost of labor and the creation of value-added products, hence a doubling effect.

Shopping for things at the department store are usually limited, compared to the varieties of items that may be bought online or at a store in the other states, so why not just buy online.

styleNotch Clothing

The high cost of shipping includes items that are ordered online as well. Because of this, many residences inquire items based on their shipping rates and weigh their desire to have an item compared to how much the shipping would cost. Today, shipping solutions are beginning to be more appealing for Hawai’i residences. USPS flate rate affordable shipping has truly changed the game for shipping things by weight. Amazon’s Subscription, Amazon Prime, offers free shipping on millions of products throughout their #1 online retail store. Competitor and also a leading retail giant, Walmart is jumping on the free shipping band wagon, but offering their solution without any subscriptions.

With online shipping logistics becoming more feasible for Hawai’i residents it is only proper for a web space like DNH to share products and services like amazon prime, Walmart’s subscription-less shipping, innovative products like Cresent Womb and Mission Critical’s daddy preferred baby carrier These items can now be realized through our Journalistic review site, Digital Nature Press, and our DNH Shop. Shop smarter and get some relief that you don’t have to fight rush hour traffic to get to a store and buy items that have been marked up. Follow DNH and you’ll feel happier knowing that you can shop with ease.


Naked Zebra Clothing



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