Sounds Around the World #8 Tan Wei Wei


Last week, Digital Nature Hawai’i had brought to you the reboot of the “Sounds Around the World” (SATW) series with the introduction of 7th SATW artist, Hanggai. The new and 8th artist in the SATW series is Sitar Tan, also known as Tan Wei Wei. Sitar is a female SATW-8-Sitar Tansinger born and raised in Fushun County, mid-China. Today, Sitar is known for fusing traditional folk Chinese, Mongolian, and Tibetan music with other genres like pop, folk, rock, and electronic. Sitar Tan launched her first studio album in 2004 named “The Heart of the Highland”, which was comprised of mostly ethnic and traditional songs.  Since then, Sitar had released six albums and four singles all having great success.

I came across Sitar after following our 7th Sounds Around the World artist, Hanggai, whom I discovered in a Chinese rendition of “The Voice” called “I am a Singer”. Sitar and Hanggai collaborated to perform a beautiful classic song called “The Night of Ulaanbaatar” during the same T.V. Program. This rendition of this classic song was enveloped with traditional singing techniques, such as throat singing, harmonic overtones, and dynamic melodic singing. This song speaks of the calm nightlife and beauty of the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. Interesting enough the musical prowess of Sitar is finally reaching the shores of America through the blockbuster movie “The Great Wall” starring Matt Damon, which is playing in theaters right now. Sitar sings a duet with Wang Leehom in the ending song titled Bridge of Fate.

I hope the readers of this article find an interesting experience and perspective on the life of Chinese, Mongolians and Tibetans through this artist.



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