The Fathering Generation


Stay-at-home dads are breaking stereotypes by proving that fathering and caring for children is just an important role in an infant’s life than in a traditional sense. Today, we live in a society where traditional roles of mothering are being turned around or becoming

Mission Critical Diaper Bag

equal. That sense where the husband or father goes out and works while the wife or mother stays home and takes care of the children is a thing of the past. The old-age views of a stay-at-home dad being Lazy, unmanly or non-masculine is not the case. “They are not mothering, they are parenting” (Petroski.) “Do what is best for the children” is the saying and that is the point.


Military Style Baby Carrier

There is no shame in sharing roles or switching them entirely. In a Hollywood blockbuster movie that I recall, Mrs. Doubtfire was one of those movies where a father, played by actor and comedian Robin Williams, inadvertently mans up during his broken marriage and does the unthinkable to basically get back into his families lives by cross-dressing and disguising himself as their new nanny. I’m not saying you have to do that to be a good father. But the basis of this article is to be a parent no matter what you have to do. That is what it means to be a man in this fathering generation.


Father and baby with baby Sling Carrier pull the beets
Baby carriers keep your hands free to do more things with your infant present.

If you are a new father or have a newborn infant, you don’t have to use the typical baby gear to take care of your child. Baby carriers, diaper bags, changing stations etc. now come with a little flair, like military style baby carriers or rugged camouflage diaper bags. Get a full list of products at our DNH store.


Petroski, David John; Edley, Paige P. “The Electronic journal of Communication.” Stay-At-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Family, and Gender Stereotypes. vol. 16, no. 3-4, 2006.


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