Sounds Around the World


“Music is the language of the spirit.”

Music is the language of the spirit. It connects all things on this earth together. From the tumbling surf on the seashore, the howling winds through the mountains, to the birds chirping, and people singing music can be heard and inspiration can be found.

“… what I am craving different is hearing music from other artists around the world …”

I have this vision of exploring the world through music. Not everyone can afford to travel, but we can learn and experience the world through the songs and melodies that can be heard from the spirits of musicians around the world. I want to share my vision with you through my weekly blog called Sounds Around the World. I started this experience a few years ago, in 2014. I was tired of hearing the same music and tired of seeing the same artists being promoted here in America today, let alone on our little island in Hawai’i. I have been part of the music industry as an entertainer, musician, and DJ throughout my life. I have a great appreciation for the art that is music and I have heard music from all types of genres from opera, orchestra and folk music to pop, hip hop, rap, rock and heavy metal and electronic dance music. I’ve heard it all, but what I am craving different is hearing music from other artists around the world whom are not widely heard from yet here in America.

Sounds Around the World:

Hanggai – Baifang

Aurora – All my Demons
Crimson Apple – Hello
Waggaki Band – Yasouemaki BabyMetal No Frills Twins – God Bless the Internet Viktoria Modesta – Counterflow

When I first started this Journey, I presented an artist named Viktoria Modesta from Latvia. In 2014, no one in America heard of her nor did anybody care to experience her music. When I discovered Viktoria, she presented a pop song named “Prototype”. When you hear the genre and name of this song, instantly you might compare this song to the likes of Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande. The difference in Viktoria’s music is her experience in Latvia. Viktoria is a singer and model, but uniquely she is an amputee. Her Song “Prototype” is based on her situation in being an amputee, yet being an example of freedom and courage to those who have been oppressed into thinking that they only can live a certain way.

Recently, I featured an artist named Aurora. Aurora is a young Norwegian native woman that is taking the music industry in Europe by storm. The one thing I love about Aurora and her music is her Charisma. The lyrics in her music are beautiful and powerful with strong meanings. It also showcases her experiences and her spirit. In her latest song, Running with the Wolves, the melody and lyrics sets you in a place to where you can truly feel her experiences and imagine how it would be to live in her shoes in Norway.
To start this journey again off fresh I want to display the past (SATW) Sounds Around the World artists here and present the newest artist for this week right after this article. I will be posting a new SATW artist every Monday. Stay tuned and sign up for alerts by email or follow Digital Nature Hawai’i on Facebook and Instagram.

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