Brain Boosting with Nootropic Supplements



A consistent dietary-supplement of brain stimulants may improve cognitive function and increase brain health, efficiency and endurance.

“… be rejuvenated and increase energy …”

There are increasing demands for products that may improve brain stimulation to help you take on the most arduous cognitive tasks. These supplements are now known as nootropics (new-tropics). Become more focused and alert at work, improve creativity and productivity, be rejuvenated and increase energy, improve your motor skills that will help you increase musicianship or even dominate in video gaming. These are beliefs that many companies, producing dietary supplements for cognitive enhancements have for their products. Many products out there claim these things. Yet, there are only a few ingredients contained in some of these products that have proven it’s worth and stood the test of time.

Caffeine is one of the many nootropic elements that have been consumed for thousands of years contained naturally in coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao, and other foods. 85% of total caffeine consumption by adults in the U.S. are derived from beverages alone (Mitchell.)   64% of Adults in America drink the beverage coffee, which is the preferred method, by most, to receive the nootropic, caffeine (Saad.)

“It is amazing to experience products that may positively increase the functions of the human body.”

Today, company’s like Nootrobox, Neu, and Voke Tab are taking this brain enhancing industry to new strides.

Nootrobox created a chewable coffee called Go Cubes. Go Cubes is essentially portable and travel-friendly, caffeine rich cubes, infused with other nootropic elements, such as L-Theanine.

Neu introduces an energy drink for your brain. This drink is similar to the now famous 5-hour Energy drink, but Neu contains more nootropic elements and vitamins.

Voke Tab takes a more organic approach by deriving their nootropic compounds from the source, such as caffeine from tea leaves, sugar from stevia leaves and beet Juice powder, and other nootropic elements from berry seeds and acerola cherry. Voke Tab is another chewable product that comes in a container and tab form that is similar to the Icebreakers circular container and tab product.

It is amazing to experience products that may positively increase the functions of the human body. With that understanding, precautionary measures should be taken to deeply research cognitive-enhancing products before consumption and always seek professional guidance from your physician.

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(*Author of this article is not liable for any negative effects in any capacity that may be caused by products mentioned in this article.)
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