Heroes, More Than Worthy

The most Distinguished and Decorated military unit in American History! The Story that you never learned in Highschool! The Japanese-American Citizens and Soldiers that defeated persecution and wrongdoing by going above and beyond in military and civil service.


Star Wars – Last Jedi: Dark Side of Luke Skywalker Trailer

"It's Time for the Jedi TO END" - Luke Skywalker. Watch the new trailer today!!!


Thor: Ragnarok – New Hero, Beta-Ray Bill with Thor’s Power

Thor 3: Ragnarok, may reveal a new marvel hero named Beta Ray Bill, who wields the same power as Thor and takes Thor's place as the God of Thunder and Lighting after he dies!


Innocent Family Dog Shot by Airport Security

An Innocent Family Dog, Kaiele, was shot unjustly at the Honolulu Airport by airport security, while putting others in harms way. Read for more information and donate to help support the family.


Rogue One: The Darker Side of Star Wars

Get the HD Digital Video Here, Today! Experience the rebel alliance in a way that invites the darkside, yet relishes in the light. Rogue One is exactly that,a group of Rogue Rebels trying to defeat the empire.


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